Final submissions must be received by: 12 March 2003, 5 pm Pacific time.

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[Review and Upon Acceptance]
Jury Review Process
All submissions are reviewed with identical selection criteria: content, technical implementation, innovation, artistic achievement, production values, creativity, originality, narrative, design, entertainment value, and advancement of visualization in the artistic and scientific fields of digital technologies. Selected works are presented in the matinée and evening shows of the Electronic Theater or throughout the day in the Animation Theaters and/or in other SIGGRAPH 2003 programs. Entries representing both technical excellence and innovation are more likely to be shown in the Electronic Theater, while entries representing either technical excellence or innovation will be shown in the Animation Theaters.
Submitted work will be considered by a jury comprised of experts from all areas of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Additionally, the Computer Animation Festival chair has curatorial responsibility and discretion to select, organize, and direct the review process and to ensure the quality of every aspect of the Computer Animation Festival.
Upon Acceptance
Submitters of accepted film and video pieces will be notified by Friday, 28 March 2003
If your submission is accepted, you will be asked to complete and sign a SIGGRAPH 2003 Acceptance Agreement. The agreement must be completed, signed, and faxed or sent via postal or courier service before SIGGRAPH 2003. If we do not receive your completed, signed acceptance agreement, your work cannot be presented at SIGGRAPH 20003.

The acceptance agreement is a legal document. It explains the uses SIGGRAPH makes of presented material and requires you to acknowledge that you have permission to use this material. This may involve seeking clearance from your employer or from others who have loaned you material, such as videotapes and slides. The agreement helps prevent situations whereby SIGGRAPH 2003 presentations include material without permission that might lead to complaints or even legal action. In addition, this agreement asks if ACM SIGGRAPH may use your materials for conference and organization promotional material in exchange for full author/artist credit information.
Accepted submitters must provide final versions of their entries, recorded on the highest-quality equipment available to them. The deadline for the final accepted version is 23 April 2003, 5 pm Pacific time. Final versions that differ significantly from jury-accepted versions will not be shown. End credits must be no longer than seven seconds. Additional credit information will be published in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Electronic Art and Animation Catalog.
Video shown in the Electronic Theater will be mastered on D1 and projected in component RGB. Pieces in 35mm will be shown in their native formats.
Contributors are responsible for securing necessary permissions and licenses for visual and audio material contained in entries for the SIGGRAPH 2003 Computer Animation Festival. Contributors are encouraged to use original music. Small performing rights licenses must be secured for public performance of any commercial soundtrack or copyrighted musical composition. Synchronization licenses must be secured for inclusion of copyrighted musical compositions in film or video presentations.
More information on music licensing:
The work in the Computer Animation Festival will be documented in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Electronic Art and Animation Catalog, the Electronic Art and Animation CD-ROM, and the SIGGRAPH Video Review (VHS and DVD). Digital images must be submitted for printed publications.
The Computer Animation Festival may consider entries for special recognition awards. Entries awarded special recognition by SIGGRAPH 2003 may be eligible for consideration at other festivals and competitions. You are advised to contact other festival and competition organizers for eligibility clarification.
Presenter Recognition
Complete information on how SIGGRAPH 2003 will support your participation if your work is accepted.


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