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The ACM SIGGRAPH Awards program recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the computer graphics community through their research, teaching, service, or writing.

The Computer Graphics Achievement Award
Awarded annually to recognize a major accomplishment that:

  • Provided a significant advance in the state of the art of computer graphics
  • Is still significant and apparent
The award is accompanied by an honorarium. Past recipients of the Computer Graphics Achievement Award are:
James F. Blinn, James H. Clark, Loren Carpenter, Turner Whitted, Robert L. Cook, Alan H. Barr, John E. Warnock, Richard Shoup, Alvy Ray Smith, James T. Kajiya, Henry Fuchs, Patrick Hanrahan, Kenneth E. Torrance, Kurt Akeley, Marc Levoy, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Michael F. Cohen, Anthony D. DeRose, David Salesin, Andy Witkin, and David Kirk.

The Steven Anson Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics
This award, presented during odd-numbered years, recognizes long-term creative impact on the field of computer graphics through a personal commitment over an extended period of time.

The Steven Anson Coons Award has been presented to:
Ivan E. Sutherland, Pierre Bézier, Donald P. Greenberg, David C. Evans, Andries van Dam, Edwin Catmull, Jose Encarnação, James D. Foley, James F. Blinn, and Lance Williams.

The Significant New Researcher Award
The Significant New Researcher Award is awarded annually to a researcher who has made a recent significant contribution to the field of computer graphics and is new to the field. The intent is to recognize people who, though early in their careers, have already made a notable contribution.

The Significant New Researcher Award has been presented to Paul Debevec and Steven J. Gortler.

The scope of the areas of accomplishment for award recipients encompasses both theory and application including, but not limited to, works of art, development of algorithms, hardware design, and innovative application of computer graphics. These awards, however, are not intended solely to recognize service to SIGGRAPH.

Please send nominations to: awards@siggraph.org
Deadline: 31 December 2002

ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award
This award, presented for the first time at SIGGRAPH 98, is given on even-numbered years to recognize outstanding service to ACM SIGGRAPH by a volunteer. It recognizes persons who have given extraordinary service to ACM SIGGRAPH, both in the trenches and in positions of more responsibility or visibility, over a significant period of time.

The ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award has been presented to Maxine Brown, Thomas DeFanti, Copper Frances Giloth, and Bertram Herzog.

Nominees for this award should be willing to work behind the scenes, push new ideas until they become a reality, help other volunteers, and devote a large part of their lives to serving ACM SIGGRAPH and its community.

Please send Outstanding Service Award nominations to:


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