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[Early Abstracts and Proposals]

Several SIGGRAPH 2003 programs are reviewing early abstracts or early proposals before their formal, final submission deadlines:

Computer Animation Festival
Educators Program
Emerging Technologies
Web Graphics

Early Abstracts and Proposals are part of a collaborative effort to identify submission opportunities. If you would like to receive some feedback on your idea before you write a detailed proposal, or if you need advice on which SIGGRAPH 2003 program is appropriate for your idea, please send an early abstract or early proposal to one of the participating SIGGRAPH 2003 program chairs.

Select one of the links above, then select the program chair's name to access the SIGGRAPH 2003 email form. Summarize your idea in a paragraph or two in the "Your Message" area of the form and select "Send".

Early Abstracts
An early abstract is a brief summary of a proposal idea in one or two paragraphs. It is not as detailed as a full proposal, but it must be specific enough to convey the key concepts of your idea.

Early Proposals
An early proposal should be more structured. It should include as many details as possible, arranged in the format required by the program you believe is most appropriate.

Benefits of Early Abstracts and Proposals

  • Bridging: Several SIGGRAPH 2003 program chairs will meet in late 2002 to review and discuss the early abstracts and proposals they have received. Ideas submitted to one program might be of interest to others. When those opportunities are identified, they will be brought to the attention of the proposer.
  • Feedback: Early abstracts and proposals may generate suggestions from the program chairs on how your final proposal can be improved.
  • Better proposals: Developing an early abstract or early proposal may help you identify the key concepts of your work and improve your proposal to SIGGRAPH 2003.

Early Abstracts and Proposals are Not Required
But they are encouraged, especially if you want to receive preliminary comments on your proposal idea(s). An early abstract or early proposal can help you focus your proposal and improve it before the final deadline, but only your final proposal will be considered by the SIGGRAPH 2003 juries and selection committees. If you already have a clear, well-developed understanding of how to present your work, there may be no need to submit an early abstract or early proposal, except for the "bridging" benefit (see above). If you do submit an early abstract or early proposal and receive feedback, be sure to incorporate that feedback in your final proposal. But remember: including early feedback in your final proposal does not guarantee that your proposal will be accepted.

The deadline for both early abstracts and early proposals is 31 October 2002. Feedback will be provided no later than 30 November.

Please note that there will be no Creative Applications Lab (CAL) for 2003.


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