SIGGRAPH 2002 Special Sessions Fact Sheet

Conference: 21-26 July 2002
Exhibition: 23-25 July 2002

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas USA

Yoda and Beyond: Creating the Digital Cast of Star Wars Episode II
Sunday, 21 July 6-8 pm

Computer graphics play a starring role in the production of "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones." This session focuses on creation of the digital cast of the latest prequel to the Star Wars saga. Industrial Light + Magic developed a variety of systems to make the computer-generated characters in this film work credibly with live actors, both in visual quality and physical realism. These systems also made it possible for digital doubles to stand in for actors in scenes that were either too difficult or too dangerous to shoot practically. In an effort to match the fidelity of motion of the computer graphics characters to that of their live-action counterparts, physically based simulation was used extensively throughout the production of this film. Multi-layered clothing, skin with underlying musculoskeletal structures, and the motion of rigid bodies each played a key role in imparting a new level of physical realism into the performance of computer graphics elements. Another challenge in employing this level of proceduralism is directing the resulting performances. In this session, we present an overview of the pipeline and systems used to produce "Episode II," focusing on the specialization required to evolve technologies, deeply rooted in academic research, into effective filmmaking tools. The panel includes individuals who played key roles in development of key digital characters for "Episode II."

Dawn Yamada
Industrial Light + Magic

Geoff Campbell
Zoran Kacic-Alesic
Sebastian Marino
James Tooley
Rob Coleman
Industrial Light + Magic

The Fate of Play: Game Industry Revolutionaries Speak Out
Tuesday, 23 July 12:30-2:15 pm

Prominent members of the International Game Developers Association investigate and discuss the direction of the game industry and how interactive entertainment will influence our future. This panel of game-industry revolutionaries explores how game design, character development, online connectivity, business models, and social and cultural implications all weave together with advances in technology to power the industry.

Jason Della Rocca
International Game Developers Association

Raph Koster
Sony Online Entertainment

Lorne Lanning
Oddworld Inhabitants

Scott Miller
3D Realms

Warren Spector
ION Storm Austin

Will Wright

Spider-Man: Behind the Mask
Thursday, 25 July 6-8 pm

Sony Pictures Imageworks takes you for a spin through the virtual world of Spider-Man. Visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk and his team reveal how the effects, buildings, and characters were created in the computer and integrated with the live action. CG Supervisor Ken Hahn discusses the complexities involved in creating the buildings for the synthetic environments of New York City. CG Supervisor Peter Nofz explains the challenges of setting up characters for animation. And Character Look Lead Greg Anderson shows us the process of look development for character lighting.

Mary Reardon
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Scott Stokdyk
Ken Hahn
Peter Nofz
Greg Anderson
Sony Pictures Imageworks

What's Up, Doc?
Tuesday, 23 July 8:30-10:15 am

Cartoons turned a corner when Chuck Jones came to town. He transformed Walt Disney's vision to one of wit, humor, and mischief. We watched as Wile E. Coyote repeatedly attempted to trap the Roadrunner, only to fall victim to his own falling anvils; Pepe Le Pew's aromatic expressions taught us everything we need to know about unsuccessful romance; Marvin Martian's Gladiator skirt, tennis shoes, and romanesque helmet gave us an alternate view of aliens devoted to earth's destruction. And, of course, Bugs Bunny's gregarious self-confidence enabled him to outwit, outsmart, and outsing any adversary. For most of the 20th Century, Chuck Jones shaped the way we see a particular side of the world, and our art and our souls are all the better for it.

Jill Smolin

Doug Sweetland
Scott Clark
Pixar Animation Studios

Barry Weiss
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Jenn Emberly
Industrial Light + Magic

Stephen A. Fossati
DreamWorks SKG

Fast-Forward Papers Preview
Monday, 22 July 5:30-6:30 pm

Snapshot overviews of the paper sessions, in which authors give 50-second previews of their papers. It's a quick look at the latest and most significant findings in computer graphics and interactive techniques in just one hour.

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