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Annual Conference and Exhibition to Define the Cutting Graphic and Interactive Edges in Science, Art, Medicine, Entertainment, Communications, Education, and Other Areas

Conference: 21-26 July 2002
Exhibition: 23-25 July 2002

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas USA

(Chicago, IL- September 17, 2001) SIGGRAPH 2002, the 29th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, will be held 21 - 26 July, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The Call for Participation is the guidebook to deciding how individuals can directly contribute to and participate with other members of this ever-expanding technical, artistic, and commercial community, and share their creative processes.
"The SIGGRAPH 2002 committee has laid the foundation for the format and styles of presentations to be shared," said Tom Appolloni, SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Chair from Harris Corporation. "Based on this foundation, the committee invites individuals to submit work that defines the cutting graphic and interactive edges in science, art, medicine, entertainment, communications, education, and other areas of interest in order to build the next international celebration, SIGGRAPH 2002."
Appolloni also states, "SIGGRAPH 2002 has added a full Web Graphics program, which is seeking the most innovative online work available. This new program is designed to assist, but not replace, traditional offerings of the SIGGRAPH conference."
The SIGGRAPH 2002 Call for Participation is seeking both veteran and novice contributors who work, play, and live with the latest advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The technical presentation submission options include Papers, Panels, Courses, Sketches and Applications, Educators Program, new Web Graphics Program, and Creative Applications Lab. The conference is also seeking contributors for the Art Gallery, Computer Animation Festival, Emerging Technologies, sigKIDS, and Studio, whose work enables attendees to experience the technology. In addition, it is asking for volunteers and support for the following services: GraphicsNet, International Resources, Pathfinders, and Student Volunteers. See the Call for Participation for detailed information on how to submit and the submission deadline for each program.
The SIGGRAPH 2002 Exhibition, 23 - 25 July, is the world's annual international marketplace for all the technology that will power computer graphics and interactive techniques in the 21st century. Over 300 exhibitors from five continents are expected to offer their hardware, software, and services in three high-energy days at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Startup Park presents the companies that will lead the next wave of evolution in this dynamic industry.
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SIGGRAPH 2002 Media Relations
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SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Management
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SIGGRAPH 2002 Exhibition Management
Hall-Erickson, Inc.
Mike Weil
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ACM SIGGRAPH, the leading professional society for computer graphics and interactive techniques, sponsors SIGGRAPH 2002.

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