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send email 3071 Vancouver Film School
VFS offers intense, immersion production-based training in filmmaking, new media, 3D&2D animation, Maya, Sound Design,Acting, Writing, and Make-up for film & TV.
send email 9029 Vicon Motion Systems
Vicon Motion Systems, a subsidiary of OMG, will perform live motion capture demonstrations utilizing award-winning MCams and the V8i, a real-time, optical motion capture system.
send email 16071 Viewpoint Corporation
Viewpoint Corporation is the leading provider of 3D and rich media visualization and marketing solutions for the Web, offering e-commerce, branding, and advertising solutions.
send email 15107 Vircom Inc.
Vircom a subsidiary of Cryonetworks distribute and support the revolutionary 3D multi-user/multimedia website engine based on SCOL.
send email 19108 Virtools SA
Create-Deploy-Experience- Game like interactivity
send email 3092 Visual Infinity, Inc.