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Printers and Plotters Organizations:

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send email 5054 3D Systems, Inc.
3D Systems manufactures solid imaging systems that create physical objects from digital input, which help reduce the time and cost of designing and manufacturing products.
send email 10059 CELCO
CELCO introduces the FURY Motion Picture Recorder. The FURY is the fastest film recorder available, with speeds of up to one frame per second.
send email 7029 Computer Graphics World
Computer Graphics World is the premier authority on innovative graphics, technology and applications. CGW explores how leading-edge graphic techniques are used in applications.
send email 13078 Hewlett-Packard Company
Hewlett-Packard Company has an exciting mix of great graphics, the latest HP workstations, leading software partners, and presentations from key customers.
send email 3089 Roland DGA Corporation
Roland announced the new LPX-250 Laser Picza. The scanner, 16”H x 10”Diameter x 5”Depth, features a 4-Axis Laser scanner and a Scan speed of 15RPM.
send email Sony Electronics Inc. features digital imaging products from Sony.
send email 8025 Xerox Office Printing Business
Color LED, Solid Ink and Laser Printers. Monochrome, B&W printers. Color copiers.