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InSpeck Inc.

Booth 19093

3530 St. Laurent Boulevard, Suite 303
Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V1 CANADA
+1.514.284.1101 Phone
+1.514.284.1108 Fax

InSpeck specializes in the research and development of 3D Digitizing solutions and applications using White Halogen Light Optical Measurement. InSpeck has developed a unique expertise in 3D digitizing by creating its own hardware and software solutions for the capture, processing and modeling of human form. InSpeck boasts a full range of solutions from low cost portable digitizers to completely integrated commercially deployable systems. Examples of practical applications are in medical-based 3D modeling, computer-assisted modeling and animation as well as multimedia applications and electronic games. Products include; 3D Capturor II, 3D Capturor DF (Dual Field), 3D Capturor MP, Full Body, EM (Editing and Merging) and FAPS software. The InSpeck 3D Capturor non-contact color optical digitizer, for example, is able to pick up 3D geometry data and color texture from any given surface in a fraction of a second. OpenGL-based software integrated in the 3DCapturor offers a range of functions such as interacive viewing, 3D merging, polygon reduction and 3D editing of geometry & texture.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Rendering and Modeling
Web 3D
Digitizing Cameras

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