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3rdTech, Inc.

Booth 19096

119 East Franklin Street, 3rd Floor
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514 USA
+1.919.929.1903 Phone
+1.919.929.2098 Fax

3rdTech, Inc operates as a foundry for new companies, creating leading-edge products from university research. 3rdTech will demonstrate the HiBall Tracker-3000 - a wide-area, high-performance optical tracking system and digitizer that provides very accurate position and orientation for use in virtual and augmented reality, training, simulation, industrial tracking, reverse engineering, and location-based entertainment and the DeltaSphere-3000 - a 3-D laser scanner and scene digitizer that enables the capture and creation of an accurate, color 3-D model of room-sized objects and spaces for use in construction, maintenance, set design for film and video, Web and game design, accident reconstruction and security.


Motion Capture Software
3D Rapid Prototyping
Digitizing Cameras
High Resolution Technologies
Input Devices
Interface Tools
Motion Capture Equipment