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Hash Inc.

Booth 9044

400 West Evergreen Boulevard
Vancouver, Washington 98660 USA
+1.360.750.0042 Phone
+1.360.750.0451 Fax

Hash Inc.’s “Animation Master 2001”, is the most powerful and affordable patch-based modeler and character animation program available. Specifically designed for classic character animation, the click and move interface and robust motion tools give you the control required to tell your story. . It’s cross platform compatibility for Windows 98/ME/NT, and PowerMac makes it an excellent choice for studios with multiple types of systems. Real-time rendering through Direct3D for Windows and Open GL for Macintosh. AM 2001 includes Patch Modeling and Animation, High Quality Rendering, Onion Skinning, Rotoscoping, Inverse Kinematics with Constraints, Decaling, Smart Skin, Lip-synch Key Framing, Stride Length, Stereo Rendering, etc…


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