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IDELIX Software Inc.

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400-1122 Mainland Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5L1 CANADA
+1.604.656.6300 Phone
+1.604.656.6310 Fax

About IDELIX Software Inc. IDELIX Software, (formerly Advanced Numerical Methods Ltd.), builds software designed to improve the presentation of information on desktop and portable electronic computing devices. Established in 1996, IDELIX Software's products solve the "screen real estate" problem and facilitate decision-making. By combining innovative information visualization technology with partner and customer applications and services, IDELIX is reshaping the way in which businesses and individuals view and value information. Pliable Display Technology (PDT) is IDELIX Software’s unique software solution to the "screen real estate" problems experienced when viewing large amounts of information on a limited-size display. PDT allows users to navigate and magnify images and maps, while eliminating the loss of surrounding context and navigational cues associated with zoom, pan and inset viewing technologies. PDT can work in real time on raster, vector, text and hybrid data. PDT features a structured Applications Programming Interface (API) that includes an extensive library of lenses, in-place editing capabilities, and revolutionary image- and map-folding capabilities. Markets for PDT include Digital Imaging, Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing, Medical Imaging, Handheld and Wireless Devices, Computer Aided Design, and Electronic Games.


2D Graphics
3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Architecture Applications
Artificial Intelligence
Authoring Software
Broadcast Design Software
Business and Financial Graphics
Computer-Video Interfacing
Desktop Publishing
Desktop Video Production Software
Digital Imaging
Electronic Publishing
Engineering Applications
Commercial Game Engines
Graphic Design Systems
Graphics Accelerator Boards
Graphics Standards Software
GroupWare Software
Image Based Modeling
Image Management
Industrial Design
Information Visualization
Mapping and Cartography
Medical Imaging Software
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
VR Software
Visual Effects Software
Web 3D
Web Graphics

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