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Panoram Technologies, Inc.

Booth 13111

10951 Pendleton Street
Sun Valley, California 91352 USA
+1.818.504.0714 Phone
+1.818.504.0636 Fax

Visualization is an exciting and rapidly emerging technology with new applications and markets developing at an ever increasing rate. Panoram systems are currently being applied to oil/gas exploration & production, product design, manufacturing and manufacturing management, digital prototyping, scientific laboratories, process plant design, military and civilian Command & Control, as well as product marketing and university study. With the rapid fall-in-cost and simultaneous rise-in-capability of powerful image based computing, there is an expanding need for displays which are capable of presenting the extreme resolution images these devices generate. To put this in context, a standard broadcast NTSC image contains less than 310,000 pixels running at 30 frames per second, while the average image being generated by visual computers for a Panoram display has more than 3,200,000 pixels and sometimes at up to 120 frames per second. Meanwhile, our new single user displays like the Panoram PV 290 offer over 3,900,000 pixels of resolution, with more than 8,000 pixels per square inch of display surface right on the desktop.


Monitors and Displays