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Binary Research International Inc.

Booth 20086

5215 North Ironwood Road
Suite 200
Glendale, Wisconsin 53217 USA
+1.414.961.7077 Phone
+1.414.961.1716 Fax

Binary Research is the company that brought you Ghost, the software utility that started the PC Cloning industry. Ghost was purchased by Symantec Corporation in 1997. Binary Research International (BRI) continues to sell Ghost on Symantec's behalf and is also the only developer and presenter of Ghost Training services, worldwide. BRI also holds the worldwide Distribution rights to a number of products, including RemotelyAnywhere (Remote Administration and Control software for PC's) and SkunkLabs' Liquid Media (LM). Three years in the making, Liquid Media is a powerful new DirectX-based Multimeda Authoring tool, ideal for creating slick Presentations, Interactive Kiosks, GUI Interfaces or simply for displaying video clips, 3D Animations, Text, still Graphics, etc., accompanied by multi-channel audio sound-tracks. Most input file formats are catered to and Presentations can be displayed directly from LM or via a variety of Video formats or even to the web. The IT Professional will find that LM has an intuitive interface and can be creating head-turning "PRESENTATIONS WITH ATTITUDE" within MINUTES! To go directly to the SkunkLabs' Liquid Media site, use the following URL:


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