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Measurand Inc

Booth 17114

921 College Hill Road
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 6Z9 CANADA
+1.506.462.9119 Phone
+1.506.462.9095 Fax

The SHAPE TAPE Motion Capture System, consists of Measurand’s patented curvature sensing SHAPE TAPE; which follows the movements of an individuals arms, legs, back and neck translating continuous 3D shape into electronic data for use in motion capture, entertainment, virtual reality, simulation, human factors and biomechanics, scientific visualization, and military training. The SHAPE TAPE motion capture system can be used in environments where many current motion capture systems are not practical or fail. The SHAPE TAPE Motion Capture System is ideal for tracking shape and motion in a number of situations: • a pilot flying a plane (real and virtual flight) • a car driver during an actual race • a skier skiing down a hill • an animator alone at home or in her/his office capturing moves • live performers creating real-time performance animation • soldiers training in the field


Motion Capture Software
Scientific Visualization
Scientific Application
Input Devices
Motion Capture Equipment

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