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Academy of Digital Animation

Booth 16101

3000 College Heights Boulevard
Ridgecrest, California 93555 USA
+1.661.301.0652 Phone
+1.760.375.4776 Fax

We offer one academy session per year limited in enrollment to 16 students on-campus in our new state-of-the-art 1.7 million facility. This intensive, 1080 hour academy session is set in a production studio atmosphere, with each student repeating the standard industry production cycle through the course of creating original shorts, commercials, games, product simulations and virtual set designs. Each student works at their own dedicated workstation and drawing table and is afforded over 1080 hours of additional open lab time at no additional cost. We now offer our intensive Academy program in an online Academy Session for an additional 30 students, who will experience the same instruction in a "learn anytime, learn anywhere" virtual studio environment. The Academy also offers advanced Softimage XSI courses online.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Image Based Modeling
Rendering and Modeling
Web 3D

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