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SGDL Systems, Inc.

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5115 de Gaspé Avenue
Suite 650
Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B7 CANADA
+1.514.948.0927 Phone
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SGDL has developed a revolutionary language in the field of modeling, visualization and transmission of solid 3D objects. This breakthrough technology is built on innovative mathematical tools specific to SGDL and enables exact, non polygonal geometrical representations of solid objects (solids with material inside), real-time rendering with cast shadows and solid textures, while guaranteeing minimum memory workspace and exceptionally powerful network transfers. With the demand for unceasingly increasing interoperability beetween it's various actors, the field of three-dimensional modeling, visualization and simulation becomes a fascinated recipient of the network and telecommunication world. Certain factors such as the emergence of Web-3D, the integration of 3D components into audio-visual international standards, problems associated with the concepts of bandwidth and real-time transmission/decoding, bring about a deep reconsideration of underlying mathematical and data processing conventional methodologies. A crucial element in spatial information telecommunication lies in the solid or surface nature of spatial forms used in the description of objects that evolve in a three-dimensional world. SGDL PRESENTS A TECHNOLOGY WHICH, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, CROSSES THE THRESHOLD OF THESE LIMITS. SGDL is more than a functional language, it is a device-independant protocol for the efficient transmission of 3D models. It is compact, easy to use and designed to be the best protocol for 3D information communication networks. Transmission takes up minimal amounts of bytes and, at the other end, a renderer/decoder will restitute the objects with all their characteristics. This unifying vision will revolutionize the world of 3D.


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