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Actuality Systems, Inc.

Booth 7019

315 Main Street, Suite 102
Reading, Massachusetts 01867 USA
+1.781.944.8941 Phone
+1.781.944.7691 Fax

Actuality Systems, Inc. is a developer of very high-resolution volumetric display peripherals. Their advanced display technology creates truly volume-filling 3-D imagery that is visible a full 360 degrees around and does not require additional headwear. Actuality's 3-D display provides imagery comprised of approximately 100 million voxels with 8 colors, and is compatible with Microsoft(R), Windows(R) 2000, and Linux platforms. Actuality's volumetric 3-D display's embedded graphics processing architecture and proprietary rendering algorithms empower you to use many of your existing software packages directly with the 3-D display. Applications include mechanical CAD, molecular visualization, medical imaging, and geophysical imaging.


3D Rapid Prototyping
Commercial Game Equipment
Geographic Information Systems
High Resolution Technologies
Monitors and Displays
Multimedia Tools and Applications-HW
Terminals, Monitors and Displays

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- volumetric, autostereoscopic, holography