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Curious Labs, Inc.

Booth 8098

655 Capitola Road, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, California 95062 USA
+1.831.462.8901 Phone
+1.831.462.8925 Fax

Founded in April 2000, Curious Labs, Inc., is continuing and extending the legacy of Poser ®-the award-winning 3D figure posing and animation tool for structuring humans, animals and 3D characters. Founded by Poser's core engineering, development, marketing & sales team from Fractal Design and MetaCreations, Poser is re-branded under the Curious Labs logo and shipped in September 2000. Poser Pro Pack, essential tools for the Poser Professional, shipped in January 2001. Additionally, Curious Labs provides character animation technology to its parent corporation egi.sys AG, in Tübingen, Germany for integration in business-to-business solutions.


3D Graphics
Digital Imaging
Medical Imaging Software
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Rendering and Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Scientific Application
Visual Effects Software
Web 3D
Web Graphics

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