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Booth 13102

One AMD Place, P.O. Box 3453
Sunnyvale, California 94088 USA
800.538.8450 Phone

AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets. AMD produces the award winning Athlon processor, which delivers an unprecedented computer experience and sets a new standard of computing power for the user who demands solid, uncompromising performance. Whether you are creating software, 3D digital content, or video, if you can imagine it, Athlon can make it a reality.


3D Graphics
3D Modeling
Desktop Publishing
Desktop Video Production Software
Digital Imaging
Electronic Publishing
Commercial Game Engines
Graphic Design Systems
Information Visualization
Motion Capture Software
Rendering and Modeling
Streaming Technology
Systems Integrators
Video Encoding and Compression
Web 3D
Web Graphics
Digitizing Cameras
Digital Video Hardware
DVD Authoring Tools
Graphics Accelerator Boards-HW
High Resolution Technologies
Motion Capture Equipment
OEM Components
Terminals, Monitors and Displays