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Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc.

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7564 Standish Place
Suite 123
Rockville, Maryland 20855 USA
+1.301.610.7965 Phone

Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (SIS) is a business enterprise specializing in leading edge technologies of digital data capture, 3D visualization, virtual prototyping, and artificial intelligence. Our strength lies in our ability to offer an integrated set of services derived from rapidly growing information systems technologies and resources. SIS crafts virtual translation toolkits that integrate advanced information technologies through combined concurrent, continuous, and collaborative engineering. By fusing artificial intelligence, 3-D modeling, virtual prototyping, and synthetic environments capabilities, the firm's experienced professionals are able to work with complex digital and video images. These images are transformed into end-to-end engineering representations of objects, equipment and spaces under "as-is" conditions. SIS uses cutting edge technologies for 3-D Digital Reality Capture. High resolution digital video systems are used to capture precise plant facility arrangement as well as object texture properties. These advanced vision systems generate accurate 3-D models of objects and spaces, thus increasing the reality of visualization tools, modeling and simulations. SIS creates integrated 3-D virtual environments to support the design, prototyping, and evaluation of production facilities, military command centers, staging, aircraft and vehicles. These environments enhance system design and operational performance by allowing users to explore alternative facility configurations using virtual prototyping tools coupled with accurate 3-D object models. These same environments are also used to perform optimization analysis allowing evaluation of human engineering and man-machine interface issues before physical plant construction.


3D Modeling
Architecture Applications
Digital Imaging
Rendering and Modeling
VR Software
Web 3D
Digital Video Hardware
Contract Graphics/Programming

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