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PhoeniX Technologies Incorporated

Booth 15098

4302 Norfolk Street
Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 4J9 CANADA
+1.604.321.3238 Phone
+1.604.321.3286 Fax

PhoeniX Technologies Incorporated innovates and manufactures Visualeyez, a family of wide-angle, high-speed and high-resolution, active-optical 3D motion tracking systems. For Siggraph 2002 we will demonstrate several new applications and products together with live demonstrations. This includes real-time motion measurement software and full body capture of multiple actors, net casting of mocap data, multi-rate sampling of targets, improved control software, and much more. Our systems are designed for motion capture applications in VR, game development, special effects production, neuroscience, gait analysis, and biomechanics among many others. Stop by our booth to see Visualeyez in action.


3D Graphics
Aerospace and Automotive Applications
Data Analysis
Digital Imaging
Engineering Applications
Industrial Design
Information Visualization
Motion Capture Software
Scientific Visualization
Scientific Application
High Resolution Technologies
Input Devices
Motion Capture Equipment
Multimedia Tools and Applications-HW
Video Effects Equipment

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- motion capture, motion analysis