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Minicomputer Exchange, Inc.

Booth 16108

610 North Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94085 USA
888.733.4400 Phone
+1.408.733.8009 Fax

Minicomputer Exchange is one of the oldest remarketed computer dealers in the world. Since 1973, Minicomputer Exchange or MCE has been a respected leader in domestic and international computer buying and selling of servers, workstations, peripherals and technical services. Our long history gives us the advantage of knowing the markets and our customers. Minicomputer develops long-term relationships based on trust, the ability to deliver quickly and our own high quality standards. Minicomputer Exchange has provided Data General, DEC, HP and other remarketed equipment since opening its operation 27-years ago. Over the last 15-years MCE has shown its strength by consistently being known as a highly regarded source for all your SUN and SGI needs. Whether its animation, programming or server farms our hardware and engineering support and maintenance services will help you get the processing power you need without putting holes in you budget. MCE is helping you keep the "Dot" in your IT department. Buying, selling, supporting, or servicing, our entire worldwide sales, engineering and maintenance staffs are ready. High quality products, large inventories, flexible budgeting plans and leasing options get you what you need quickly. Our impressive list of customers include NASA, US Navy, Nation Institute of Health, Ford, General Electric, AT&T, ESPN, Lucas Films, Industrial Light and Magic, Disney, Mainframe Entertainment, Hitachi, Sony and more. Because of our extensive worldwide contacts and business history MCE provides buyers with a vast array of current and traditional equipment. Whether its animation, graphics, programming or servers, MCE is ready to purchase, sell, lease or rent you equipment that meets your needs. Let Minicomputer help you design and supply the hardware you need at a price you can still afford.


Digital Video Hardware
High Performance Graphics Processors
High Resolution Technologies
Monitors and Displays
Networking Equipment
RAID Systems and Storage
Storage Devices; Tape/Disk
Terminals, Monitors and Displays
Video Effects Equipment
Video Servers