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Transport VI ©2000 Eric Heller

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Shadermaps: A Method For Accelerating Procedural Shading ©2000 Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

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That Brain Wave Chick V ©2001 Paras Kaul and Mark Applebaum

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Oblivious ©2000 Alex Whitney, Ringling School of Art and Design

I.R.I.S.: New Models of Communication ©2000 The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

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The Big One That Got Away ©2000 James Torrens, Vancouver Film School

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Lunch ©2000 De Anza College

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Distrust of Romantica ©2000 Hitoshi Suenaga, Taiyo Kikaku Co., Ltd.

3D Traffic Visualization in Real Time ©2000 Andre Gueziec

Capitol Zoom ©2000 Gregory W. Shirah, NASA/GSFC - Scientific Visualization Studio

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Protrude, flow ©2000 Sachiko Kodama and Minako Takeno, The University of Electro-Communications

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Micro Archiving ©2000 Keio University


My Finger’s Getting Tired: Interactive Installations for the Mind and Body, "Skies" interactive video-sound installation ©2000 Don Ritter

Yuki-The Spirit of the Snow ©2000 Akiko Tohma, Kagoshima University

Rebirth of the VooDoo Child ©2001 Petra Evers


Tentacular Continuum, Detail 3 ©1998 Kent Oberheu

Coca Cola "Clay Dolls" ©2000 Frankie Chung and Chu Chu Cheng, Centro Digital Pictures Ltd.

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Enemy at the Gates ©2000 Jean-Jacques Annaud, Double Negative

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Altzero 3 ©2000 James Lane and Anthony Rowe, squid s o u p

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Digital Tricks for Japanese Cel Animation ©2000 OLM Digital, Inc.


The Instant-Animator Machine ©2000 Rick May

A Flexible Approach to 3D Reconstruction from Single Images ©2000 Visual Information Technology, National Research Council

Disoriented but not Confused ©2000 Jessica Maloney


Gestures V ©2000 Lyn Bishop

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Destroying a Dam Without Getting Wet: Rule-Based Dynamic Simulation for "Wave of Death" ©2000 CA Scanline Production

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