Thursday, 25 July
3:30 - 5:30 pm
Room 206

Session Chair
Dena Slothower
Stanford University

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): The World Wide Web Consortium's Recommendation for High Quality Web Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics, a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and animation in XML, is the Web standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Dean Jackson
World Wide Web Consortium

Max Froumentin
Chris Lilley
World Wide Web Consortium

Vincent Hardy
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The Xj3D Browser: Community-Based 3D Software Development

Technical and organizational issues surrounding the community development process of the Xj3D browser, an open-source API for developing X3D and VRML 97 applications.

Alan D. Hudson
Yumetech, Inc.

Justin Couch
Stephen N. Matsuba
Yumetech, Inc.

SMIL: An Introduction

The SMIL language enables interactive audio-visual multimedia for the Web. This summary of its key features explains some of the key insights into the Web-language design that influenced SMIL's development.

Philipp Hoschka
World Wide Web Consortium/INRIA

Summaries of SIGGRAPH 2002 Web Graphics presentations are available in the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Abstracts and Applications

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