Wednesday, 24 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 007AB

Session Chair
Simon Allardice

Architecting a Distributed Dynamic Image Server for the Web

Introduction to dynamic image serving. How to design a service that supports dynamic delivery of image content and grows with demand.

Alain Chesnais
TrueSpectra, Inc.

Tim Beck
Rudy Ziegler
TrueSpectra, Inc.

Pseudo-3D Photo Collage

A new method for using photographs to create virtual walkthroughs on the Web.

Hiroya Tanaka
University of Tokyo

Masatoshi Arikawa
Ryosuke Shibasaki
University of Tokyo

Scalable Visualization of Super-High-Resolution 3D Images for Museum Archiving

New technology for creating, transmitting, and visualizing super-high-resolution and 3D digital content for museum archiving and heritage conservation.

Anup Basu
University of Alberta & TelePhotogenics Inc.

Irene Cheng
TelePhotogenics Inc.

Afshad Mistri
David Wolford

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