Thursday, 25 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
Room 006AB

Session Chair
Simon Allardice

Interactive 3D Characters for Web-Based Learning and Accessibility

A character-animation authoring system developed for educators who have no previous animation experience. Applications created by educators using the authoring system, including sign-language interpretation of stories for young deaf readers, job interview skills training, and counseling skills training.

Ed Sims
Vcom3D, Inc.

Dan Silverglate
Vcom3D, Inc.

Multilingual Flash Applications

How to use FlashMX to create multilingual content. Flash has simplified content deployment on multiple platforms and browsers. Now, with the ability to handle Unicode, it takes Web applications to the next level.

Viswanath Parameswaran
FastCurve Pte. Ltd.

Architectural Studios Online: The Internet Studio Network

Through the Internet Studio Consortium, up to 300 architecture students in Miami, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Venezuela collaborate in semester-long design studios. The initiative uses Internet and video conferencing, and high-end telecommunication and digital technology, to enrich the pan-American educational experience. It is also part of AMPATH, which obtained a $25 million grant in 2001 to connect national university networks in Latin America and the Caribbean to the Internet2 server at Florida International University.

Alfredo Andia
Florida International University

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