Thursday, 25 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 206

Session Chair
Sandy Ressler
National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Reality Cluster - Realtime Multimedia Communication With Persistence

A multi-user system that provides users with both focus and context in navigating relationships between multiple nodes of information: real-time audio-video conferencing, video recording, audio recording, text recording, and real-time interaction among multiple clients.

Branden Hall
Fig Leaf Software

Samuel Wan
University of Michigan

Flash MX Live: Real-Time Video and Audio Delivery in Multi-User Environments

The new real-time video and audio capabilities of Macromedia's Flash Player 6 plug-in for Web browsers. Deconstruction of a chat application that enables several listeners to hear and see a discussion between a host and any given listener in the group. The new technology is presented with an analysis of two main aspects of Internet communication:

  • The differences between one-on-one messaging and group discussion environments.
  • The dynamics of audio and video "space" compared to a text-based landscape.

Robert Reinhardt

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