Portable VR

Friday, 26 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
River Room 001

Session Chair: Rick Parent, The Ohio State University

Quikwriting on the Responsive Workbench
This new text-input paradigm for the Responsive Workbench uses the stylus, a tracked pen with a button, and is based on Quikwrite (for Palm Pilot).

Jerome Grosjean
INRIA Rocquencourt

Sabine Coquillart
INRIA Rocquencourt

Using Cellular Phones to Interact With Virtual Environments
In this collaborative VR system, users interact through a workstation client or a cellular phone to interactively build 3D Lego brick models.

Bent Dalgaard Larsen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
Niels Jørgen Christensen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Virtual Reality Interfaces Using Tweek
Tweek is a toolkit that allows interaction with C++ virtual reality applications using a dynamically extensible Java GUI. It offers new possibilities for input within virtual worlds.

Patrick Hartling
Iowa State University

Allen Bierbaum
Carolina Cruz-Neira
Iowa State University

Backseat Gaming: Augmented-Reality With Speed
A prototype that explores how to make use of mobile properties for developing compelling and fun game experiences.

Mark Ollila
Linköpings Universitet

Liselott Brunberg
The Interactive Institute, Sweden

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