Virtual Reality Devices

Friday, 26 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
Room 217BCD

Session Chair: Amy Ashurst Gooch, University of Utah

A New Interface for a Virtual World Foot-Motion-Sensing Input Device
Most virtual-reality systems use upper-body parts in the virtual environment. This new interface detects ankle motions relative to the knee.

Barrera Salvador
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Masayuki Nakajima
Hiroki Takahashi
Tokyo Institute of Technology

The AcceleGlove, a Whole-Hand Input for Virtual Reality
An input device that employs accelerometers mounted on the fingers and palm and a posture classification system to provide user interaction in virtual reality.

Jose L. Hernandez-Rebollar
The George Washington University

Nicholas Kyriakopoulos
Robert W. Lindeman
The George Washington University

TWISTER: Technical Challenges
TWISTER (Telexsistence Wide-Angle Immersive STEReoscope) is an immersive full-color autostereoscopic display, designed for face-to-face telecommunication, where people in distant locations can communicate as if they were in the same virtual 3D space.

Kenji Tanaka
The University of Tokyo

Junya Hayashi
Yutaka Kunita
Masahiko Inami
Taro Maeda
Susumu Tachi
The University of Tokyo

A Handheld Virtual Mirror
A handheld virtual mirror device composed of a flat LCD screen manipulated by the user, a camera fixed on the screen, and a tracking device.

Alexandre François
University of Southern California

Elaine Kang
Umberto Malesci
University of Southern California

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