Image Technology

Friday, 26 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
Room 207

Session Chair: Doug Roble, Digital Domain

Real-Time View Synthesis Using Commodity Graphics Hardware
A novel use of commodity graphics hardware that is based on the plane-sweeping technique for real-time, on-line 3D view synthesis.

Ruigang Yang
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Greg Welch
Gary Bishop
Herman Towles
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Depth-Complexity-Based Occluder Selection
Depth-complexity-based occluder selection delivers high-quality occluder sets by evaluating low-resolution images of the final output, which are rendered using a simple IBR technique.

Gerhard Kurka
Johannes Kepler Universit”t Linz

High-Speed Conversion of Floating-Point Images to 8-bit
A technique to quickly convert floating-point data to a screen image while preserving the correct brightness levels and original detail.

Bill Spitzak
Digital Domain

Interactive Level-Set Tools for Photo Editing
A suite of interactive image-editing tools based on properties of and manipulation of image-level sets. The suite includes level-set smoothing, level-set constrained sharpening, and level-set "nudging" (image distortion).

Bryan Morse
Brigham Young University

Thomas C. Howard
Brigham Young University

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