Calm Places

Friday, 26 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 103

Session Chair: Linda Lauro-Lazin, Pratt Institute

"Loops" - A Digital Portrait
This digital portrait of dance legend Merce Cunningham uses as a point of departure a motion-captured recording of "Loops," his solo dance for hands and fingers.

Marc Downie
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

Shelley Eshkar
Paul Kaiser
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

The Meditation Chamber: A Debriefing
At SIGGRAPH 2001 Emerging Technologies, 400+ attendees experienced The Meditation Chamber. This sketch discusses design and implementation of this installation, and the data it generated.

A. Fleming Seay
Carnegie Mellon University

Diane Gromala
Larry Hodges
Chris Shaw
Georgia Institute of Technology

Calming Visual Spaces: Learning From Kyoto Zen Gardens
Zen gardens achieve sophisticated visual designs with minimal compositions. This sketch describes visual perception models to analyze garden aesthetics and suggest techniques to support creation of calm environments, virtual or real.

Michael J. Lyons
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International

Gert J. Van Tonder
Kyoto University

Nobuji Tetsutani
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International

Ian Shortreed
Mercury Software

MasterMotion: Full-Body Wireless Virtual Reality for Tai Chi
A full-body motion-capture and wireless virtual reality system applied to Tai Chi training and online feedback mechanisms that aid learning.

Russell Schaaf
Carnegie Mellon University

Philo Tan Chua
Rebecca Crivella
Bo Daly
Ning Hu
David Ventura
Todd Camill
Jessica Hodgins
Randy Pausch
Carnegie Mellon University

Summaries of SIGGRAPH 2002 Sketches & Applications are available in the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Abstracts and Applications

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