Virtual Reality Techniques

Friday, 26 July
8:10 - 10:15 am
Room 217BCD

Session Chair: Charles Lazin, WebMark Studios

Real-Time 3D Interaction for Augmented and Virtual Reality
A new view-generation system that permits real-time 3D augmented-reality video conferencing, realistic avatar generation in virtual reality, and novel tangible interaction among collaborators in virtual spaces.

Simon Prince
National University of Singapore

Farzam Farbiz
Adrian David Cheok
National University of Singapore

Todd Williamson
Nik Johnson
Zaxel Systems, Inc.

Mark Billinghurst
University of Washington

Hirokazu Kato
Hiroshima City University

Diminishing Head-Mounted Display for Shared Augmented Reality
A novel technique to restore eye contact in a shared augmented-reality environment. The idea is to synthesize and overlay the facial video to diminish the userís head-mounted display.

Masayuki Takemura
University of Tsukuba

Yuichi Ohta
University of Tsukuba

Regeneration of Real Objects in the Real World
Regeneration of real objects that existed in the past and/or at some remote location in an installation that features "Noh," a form of Japanese traditional drama.

Hiroto Matsuoka
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Akira Onozawa
Hisao Nojima
Hidenori Sato
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Perceptual Gaze Extent and Level of Detail in VR: Looking Outside the Box
Eye-tracking evidence that shows limitations of perceptual gaze extent in the context of peripheral LOD management during a visual search task in virtual reality.

Andrew T. Duchowski
Clemson University

Hunter Murphy
Clemson University

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