Animation Techniques

Thursday, 25 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
Room 217BCD

Session Chair: Rick Parent, Ohio State University

Body Building Through Weight Training: Using Fitting Techniques for Skin Animation
A process called multi-weight enveloping for deforming the skin geometry of a digital creature around its skeleton using a statistical fit to an input training exercise.

Corina Xiaohuan Wang
Industrial Light + Magic

Cary Phillips
Industrial Light + Magic

Music-Driven Motion Editing
A general framework for synchronizing motion curves to music in computer animation. Motions are locally modified using perceptual cues extracted from the music.

Marc Cardle
University of Cambridge

Steven Brooks
Loic Barthe
Mo Hassan
Peter Robinson
University of Cambridge

A Dynamic Motion-Control Middleware for Computer Games
Novel middleware for computer games that produces dynamically changing motions in response to physical interactions such as collision impulses and external forces.

Masaki Oshita
Kyushu University

Akifumi Makinouchi
Kyushu University

Computer-Generated Clay Animation
Capturing and retargeting the creative process to generate clay-like animation.

Daisuke Goto
University of Tsukuba

Junichi Hoshino
University of Tsukuba/PRESTO, JST

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