Surface & Volumetric Techniques

Thursday, 25 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 207

Session Chair: Ioana Martin, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Slow-Growing Volumetric Subdivision
A new subdivision technique that refines volumetric meshes at the same rate as surface meshes. The scheme builds adaptive refinements and sharp edges without using special cell decompositions.

Valerio Pascucci
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Fracture Generation on Polygonal Meshes Using Voronoi Polygons
Using Voronoi polygons generated on polymeshes to synthesize visually realistic cracks and fragments.

Saty Raghavachary
DreamWorks Feature Animation

Modified Marching Octahedra for Optimal Regular Meshes
Volumetric data on cubic meshes are not optimally sampled. Optimal meshes use tetrahedra and octahedra. This technique optimizes isosurfaces on these meshes by substituting octahedra for groups of tetrahedra.

Hamish Carr
The University of British Columbia

Thomas Theußl
Vienna University of Technology

Torsten Möller
Simon Fraser University

Sandwiching Surfaces
Comparison sandwiched surfaces and demonstration of their performance in silhouette and collision detection.

Jörg Peters
University of Florida

Xiaobin Wu
University of Florida

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