Visualizing Humans

Thursday, 25 July
8:10 - 10:15 am
Room 217BCD

Session Chair: Rick Parent, Ohio State University

Computer Graphics to Illustrate Development of a Human Embryo for Professional Medical Education
Using 3D computer graphics to illustrate development of a human embryo for education in embryology, one of the basic subjects in professional medical education.

Koh Kakusho
Kyoto University

Yutaka Minekura
Michihiko Minoh
Shinobu Mizuta
Tomoko Nakatsu
Kohei Shiota
Kyoto University

Investigating Face Space
A development system created to explore what it means to "surf" through face space.

Steve DiPaola
Simon Fraser University

The Development of a Functional Visualization System for Creation of Digital Human Models
An attempt to realize a functional visualization system for creation of digital models of people with disabilities for use by designers and clinicians.

John Jay Miller
Mississippi State University

Weidong Wang
Craig Bennett Associates, Architects

Gavin R. Jenkins
Mississippi State University

DocuDrama Conversations
DocuDrama supports generation of interactive narratives that are based on activities in a collaborative virtual environment.

Leonie Schaefer
Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik

Elaine M. Raybourn
Sandia National Laboratories

Amanda Oldroyd
BTexact Technologies

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