Artificial Intelligence

Thursday, 25 July
8:10 - 10:15 am
Room 207

Session Chair: Fred Pighin, USC Institute for Creative Technologies

"Low-Level" Intelligence for "Low-Level" Animation
Models of certain "low-level" cognitive abilities (such as object persistence) in synthetic characters can be used to control "low-level" behavior, such as eye gaze and facial expression.

Damian Isla
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

Bruce Blumberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

Virtual Human Interface: Building an Intelligent Animated Agent
An interactive animation and communication platform that employs photo-real virtual humans to form the basis of a new generation of educational and entertainment tools.

Bernadette Kiss
VerAnim Bt.

Gábor Szijártó
VerAnim Bt.

Barnabás Takács

Towards Visualizing HCI for Immersive Environments: The Meta-Situational Tracker
The Meta-Situational Tracker provides researchers with the ability to visualize user situations within immersive environments.

Christopher Jaynes
University of Kentucky

Joan Mazur
Cindy Lio
University of Kentucky

Lewis the Robotic Photographer
Lewis is a human-sized robot wedding photographer who collects images and displays them in a "photo album" that celebrants can print or store in digital format.

Cindy Grimm
Washington University in St. Louis

William D. Smart
Zachary Byer
Michael Dixon
Jacob Cynamon
Hui Zhang
Washington University in St. Louis

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