Feature Film Production Techniques

Wednesday, 24 July
3:30 - 5:30 pm
Ballroom A

Session Chair: Darin Grant, Digital Domain

Shader Analytical Approximations for Terrain Animation in "The Time Machine"
An overview of two novel approaches to procedurally animating displacement shaders for erosion of volumes of earth and rock: bouldering and gulleying.

John Gibson
Digital Domain

Evolution of a VFX Voxel Tool
The philosophy and development history of Digital Domain's voxel modeling, animation, and rendering tool.

Alan Kapler
Digital Domain

Lucio Flores
Digital Domain

Star Fields in 2D
A star-field generation technique that reduces production time for rendering star fields and provides controls to generate 3D effects at composite time.

Maria Giannakouros
Digital Domain

Creation of a Photo-Real CG Human
For upcoming feature releases, the Digital Domain team created a full screen, completely believable, CG stunt double for a well-known motion-picture star.

Brian Goldberg
Digital Domain

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