Weather & Information Visualization

Wednesday, 24 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
River Room 001

Session Chair: Jacquelyn Martino, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bringing Computer Graphics to Everyday Environments With Informative Art
How can computer graphics displays be integrated into everyday environments? One answer: a dynamic weather forecast displayed in the style of a modern painter and installed in a public space.

Tobias Skog
Interactive Institute

Sara Ljungblad
Lars Erik Holmquist
Viktoria Institute

Recent Exact Aesthetics Applications
Exact aesthetics is a challenging field of computer-aided visual creativity. It reconstructs design and criticism methods on an algorithmic basis and integrates computers into artistic creation and aesthetic evaluation.

Tomas Staudek
Masarykova univerzita v Brnû

Petr Machala
Masarykova univerzita v Brnû

A computer-mediated sound and DVD installation that interprets scientific visualizations of global warming through interplay of video, computer-mediated sound synthesized by theremins, and sculptural forms.

Timothy Nohe
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

GEO-COSMOS: The World's First Spherical Display
GEO-COSMOS, the world's first spherical display, uses 3,715 LED panels. The images and movies on this display can be viewed from all directions.

Tamotsu Machida
ViNO azul, Inc.

Tsuyoshi "Go" Hotta
DENTSU Tec, Inc.
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

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