Human Figure Animation

Wednesday, 24 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
Room 207

Session Chair: Fred Pighin, USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Example-Based Interpolation of Human Motion
A method for interpolating human motion with examples using ICA.

Hiroshi Mori
University of Tsukuba

Junichi Hoshino
University of Tsukuba/PRESTO, JST

Expressive Features for Movement Exaggeration
A method for warping a motion-capture sequence of a person performing an activity at a particular intensity into a natural-looking exaggerated version of that action.

James W. Davis
The Ohio State University

Vignesh S. Kannappan
The Ohio State University

3D Reconstruction of Walking Behavior Using a Single Camera
Synthetic 3D reconsruction of walking behavior based on video from a single, calibrated camera. The method assumes fairly normal walking behavior (for example, people in a lobby).

Rick Parent
The Ohio State University

Arunachalam Somasundaram
The Ohio State University

Magical Face: Integrated Tool for Muscle-Based Facial Animation
A facial animation tool for CG creators implemented as a Maya plug-in. This tool provides easy operation for anatomical muscle model and lip-synchronization with natural voices.

Tatsuo Yotsukura
Seikei University

Mitsunori Takahashi
Shigeo Morishima
Seikei University

Hirokazu Kudo
Kazunori Nakamura
SEGA Corporation

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