Making of "Ice Age"

Wednesday, 24 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
Ballroom A

Session Chair: Juan Buhler, PDI/DreamWorks

3D Layout and Propogation of Environmental Phenomena for "Ice Age"
Summary of the 3D layout process using Blue Sky Studios' software tools and methods on "Ice Age."

Robert V. Cavaleri
Blue Sky Studios

Kevin Thomason
Blue Sky Studios

Dynamics and Dodos: Rigging and Animation Methods for "Ice Age"
How the animation team at Blue Sky Studios streamlines the animation process with time-saving software and workflows.

Adam Burr
Blue Sky Studios

Ross Scroble
Blue Sky Studios

How a CSG-Based Ray-Tracer Saves Time: Lighting and Scripting for "Ice Age"
Workflows using Blue Sky Studios' proprietary ray-tracer and scripting language, cgiStudio.

Mitch Kopelman
Blue Sky Studios

Jodi Whitsel
David Esneault
Blue Sky Studios

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