Wednesday, 24 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
River Room 001

Session Chair: David "Grue" DeBry, Thrown Clear Productions

Textures From Nonlinear Dynamical Cascades
A texture-synthesis system consisting of iterated convolution and nonlinear mapping. The textures exhibit tension between roughness and smoothness, and can have the multiscale characteristic identified as "natural."

David Mould
University of Toronto

Eugene Fiume
University of Toronto

Image-Based Environment Matting
Environment matting for realistic rendering of refractive materials currently requires complex laboratory apparatus for acquisition of the matte. This sketch shows how environment mattes can be computed from real-world imagery.

Yonatan Wexler
University of Oxford

Andrew W. Fitzgibbon
Andrew Zisserman
University of Oxford

Video Textures Using the Auto-Regressive Process
How to create video textures using an auto-regressive process in image eigenspace. This approach generates new facial-expression sequences using image-based techniques.

Neill Campbell
University of Bristol

Colin Dalton
Dave Gibson
Barry Thomas
University of Bristol

Editable Dynamic Textures
A simple and efficient algorithm for modifying the temporal behavior of image sequences that exhibit some form of temporal regularity, such as flowing water, steam, smoke, and flames.

Gianfranco Doretto
University of California, Los Angeles

Stefano Soatto
University of California, Los Angeles

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