Wednesday, 24 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Room 207

Session Chair: Ioana Martin, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Shape Analogies
A method for learning line styles from examples. When users draw strokes in a desired style, the system generates new imagery in that style.

Aaron Hertzmann
University of Washington

Nuria Oliver
Microsoft Research

Brian Curless
Steven M. Seitz
University of Washington

A 2D Sketch Interface for a 3D-Model Search Engine
Creating query interfaces for an online search engine for 3D models and examining a 2D sketch interface in more detail.

Patrick Min
Princeton University

Joyce Chen
Thomas Funkhouser
Princeton University

Motion-Based Shape Illustration
A novel visualization technique that uses particle systems to add supplemental motion cues that can aid in perception of shape and spatial relationships of static objects.

Kwan-Liu Ma
University of California, Davis

Eric B. Lum
Aleksander Stompel
University of California, Davis

Harmonic 3D Shape Matching
A new 3D model representation, based on spherical harmonics, that is well suited for the task of model matching and retrieval.

Michael Kazhdan
Princeton University

Thomas Funkhouser
Princeton University

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