Behind the CG Camera

Tuesday, 23 July
3:30 - 5:30 pm
Ballroom A

Session Chair: Steve Derrick, Vicarious Visions, Inc.

Cameras and Point of View in the Gamespace
A survey of the evolution of game perspective and the reasons behind the choice of perspective, some of which are practical, while others are legacies.

Jay Riddle
Electronic Arts

MOCAP Game Reserve: A Study of Puppetry and Motion Capture
A study of human-driven character animation with motion capture as presented as part of the SIGGRAPH 2002 Course: Motion Capture: Pipeline, Applications, and Use.

Charlotte Belland
The Ohio State University

Motion Capture Done Dirt Cheap
A simple real-time motion capture system based on a skeleton rig with potentiometer angle sensors. The total hardware cost was about $300. Assembly time: one week.

Stefan Gustavson
Linköpings Universitet

Real-Time Video Effects on a PlayStation2
The Sony PlayStation2's powerful rendering and vector-processing capabilities can be used to produce sophisticated video effects, including nonlinear 3D transformations, in real time.

Sarah Witt
Sony B&P Research Labs

Summaries of SIGGRAPH 2002 Sketches & Applications are available in the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Abstracts and Applications

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