Touchy Feely

Tuesday, 23 July
1:30 - 3:15 pm
Room 103

Session Chair: Cheryl Stockton, Studio Firefly and Pratt Institute

FlowField: Investigating the Semantics of Caress
FlowField is a new interactive piece in which participants touch and caress a multi-touch controller in a CAVE, manipulating the flow of particles in a way that suggests hands in water.

Timothy Chen
University of British Columbia

Sidney Fels
Thecla Schiphorst
University of British Columbia

Art and Education Using Direct Manipulation of a Sensor Array
Direct manipulation systems in art and education domains using a pressure-sensitive computer-projected canvas for user manipulation. As users press the canvas, the art piece is created or image layers are revealed.

Taly Sharon
Massachusetss Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

ASR - Augmented Sound Reality
A summary of the mixed-reality application ASR, which uses overlays of virtual images on the real world to support placement of three-dimensional sound sources.

Michael Haller
Fachhochschule Hagenberg

Daniel Dobler
Philipp Stampfl
Fachhochschule Hagenberg

Hover: Conveying Remote Presence
Hover is a device that enhances telecommunication by providing a sense of the activity and presence of remote collaborators using the playful movements of a ball floating in midair.

Dan Maynes-Aminzade
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

Beng-Kiang Tan
The Harvard Graduate School of Design

Ken Goulding
Catherine Vaucelle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory

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