2D Aesthetic in a 3D World

Tuesday, 23 July
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Ballroom A

Session Chair: Emru Townsend

2D/3D Hybrid Character Animation on "Spirit"
The hybrid techniques used to produce character animation for DreamWorks' "Spirit." Often, both hand-drawn and digital character animation were used within the same shot.

Doug Cooper
DreamWorks Feature Animation

Shape-Based Character Animation
Strong poses in character animation are supported by their silhouettes. When the ultimate goal is to create 3D character shapes represented in 2D screen space, shouldn't tools better support posing silhouettes?

Eric Guaglione
Walt Disney Feature Animation

Doug Sweetland

Creating 3D Painterly Environments for Disney's "Treasure Planet"
Disney's "Treasure Planet" presented new artistic challenges to integration of 2D and 3D painterly environments. The result: significant technical innovations to the DeepCanvas process and rendering engine.

Chris Springfield
Walt Disney Feature Animation

Kyle Odermatt
Walt Disney Feature Animation

Sketchy Rendering
Practical techniques employed in emulating pencil, bleeding ink, and pastel drawings in producing a short computer animation, including image processing, cellular automata, curve tracing and plotting, and some common sense.

John Haddon
The Moving Picture Company
Bournemouth University

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