The ToyScout's Immersive Jukebox

The Immersive Jukebox offers users a choice of musical experiences that explore various influences of African-American blues: traditional African music, spirituals, work songs, and others. Inspired by the curriculum of the International House of Blues Foundation's Blues SchoolHouse program, it introduces students and teachers to the music, art, and history of the blues and its cultural origins.

The Toy Scouts is a multidisciplinary research group of students, industry professionals, and research associates at the University of Central Florida that develops creative applications of virtual reality for play. The Toy Scouts were challenged with augmenting this curriculum with an affordable, mobile, highly interactive application of the material for K-12 children.

Christopher Stapleton
Linda Ellis
Brad Martin
Kirsten Kischuk
Shelley Brown
Elana Rubinfeld
Matthew Gerber
Peter Stepniewicz
John Culbertson
Paulius Micikevicius
Kristin Congdon
Amy Hale
University of Central Florida

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