SIGGRAPH 2002 Publications Overview

When you attend a SIGGRAPH conference, you gain access to a vast array of publications that help you contribute, attend, and reference great work from the past year. SIGGRAPH conference publications are highly prized references. Don't wait to pick them up because some of them are only available for a limited time.


Advance Program (AP)
A focused promotional piece that contains schedules for all programs, including descriptions of Papers, Panels, Courses, and the Educators Program, plus a list of exhibitors. New programs are highlighted and listed along with established programs such as the Computer Animation Festival, the Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, and services like the Career Center. Finally, complete information about hotels, registration, travel, and some merchandise is included. The Advance Program is mailed in late April.

Conference Proceedings (CP)
A collection of all papers presented at the conference during the Papers session. These papers contain the latest research achieved within the computer graphics community during the past year.

Conference Abstracts and Applications (CAA)
Descriptions and images from all Panels, Sketches & Applications, Emerging Technologies, and the Educators Program. Printed book and CD-ROM.

Electronic Art and Animation Catalog (EAAC)
This publication features images, descriptions, and contributor information for the Computer Animation Festival and the Art Gallery. Printed book and CD-ROM.

Program & Buyer's Guide (P&BG)
This conference program contains valuable information including final event schedules, detailed exhibits descriptions, contributor recognition, and conference services. It is available for pickup at several locations within the Registration area.

Conference Locator (CL)
This is the Conference Week at a Glance. It is a convenient roadmap to the entire conference, its presentations and exhibits, and its schedules of major events in a daily format for easy planning. It is available for pickup at several locations within the Registration area.

Call for Participation (CFP)
A descriptive piece that charts the vision, look, and feel for the following year's conference. This piece details specifically how to submit contributions to all individual conference programs. Starting this year the CFP is available only on the conference Web site.

Printed Course Notes (PCN)
Printed notes for each course presented at the conference are available only at the conference. A CD-ROM version is available from ACM SIGGRAPH after the conference, although content may differ from printed versions due to copyright and fair use restrictions.

SIGGRAPH Video Review (SVR)
Selections from past and present versions of the Computer Animation Festival (Electronic Theater, Computer Animation Theater), and other video presentations.

This information was brought to you by SIGGRAPH 2002 Pathfinders, a volunteer group dedicated to mentoring first-time conference visitors. Please take a moment to help us help you. Let us know how this information improved (or could have improved) your conference experience. You can find us at SIGGRAPH 2002 at the Pathfinder booth in the main lobby or via email: Thank you.

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