Getting Around At SIGGRAPH 2002

From the day you leave home until the moment you return, when you attend a SIGGRAPH conference you will always be "on the go." The conference will also drain you of every ounce of energy you have, so rest up before you arrive!

Prepare to trek. The number-one mode of transportation at a SIGGRAPH conference is by foot. Don't forget to wear comfortable walking shoes and have fresh changes of socks, too. If you are prone to blisters, hikers "moleskin" can help reduce your chances of getting them.

SIGGRAPH conferences are usually in quite popular locations. Plan early to book the best fares to the destination city. Heaviest flight times usually occur on the Saturday before the conference begins and the last day of the conference, Friday. Plan accordingly.

The conference provides free shuttle service between most official conference hotels and the convention center as well as to and from conference receptions. When you use the shuttle service, allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Many other attendees may have the same time and place in mind. If you do not book yourself at a conference hotel, you will be expected to provide your own transportation to and from the convention center or walk to the closest conference hotel and catch the shuttle there.

Airport Shuttles and Cabs
There is no official conference shuttle service for transportation from the airport to your hotel. Large companies such as SuperShuttle often provide very economical service to your conference hotel. Taxi cabs are often expedient (and sometimes expensive) ways to get to where you need to go in a hurry. You may wish to consult a phone directory ahead of time (or ask your hotel concierge) for a number that you can carry with you in case you need a cab during the conference.

While most people fly to the conference, there are some attendees who drive. If you’re planning to drive, you should check ahead of time with your hotel about parking rates and in/out privileges. Also, unless you plan to drive to places not served by the conference shuttle, it probably is not a good idea to rent a car for the week. Convention center parking can usually be quite expensive and sometimes inconvenient. Conference shuttles usually get you where you need to go during the conference week.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are there any good travel discounts for being a SIGGRAPH conference attendee?
A: Yes, there are sometimes great discounts available to SIGGRAPH-conference attendees. Check with the official SIGGRAPH travel agent for more details. This number is available through conference documentation or the conference Web site. Don't forget to mention your frequent-flyer ID number to the travel agent, too!

Q: Are there hints for using the conference shuttles?
A: Allow plenty of time to get where you need to go. Morning and evening hours, and lunch time, can generate heavy traffic to and from the convention center, though shuttles run more often then.

  • Book flights as early as possible
  • Check desired hotel for parking rates and privileges
  • Keep a local cab company number with you for convenience
This information was brought to you by SIGGRAPH 2002 Pathfinders, a volunteer group dedicated to mentoring first-time conference visitors. Please take a moment to help us help you. Let us know how this information improved (or could have improved) your conference experience. You can find us at SIGGRAPH 2002 at the Pathfinder booth in the main lobby or via email: Thank you.

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