Educational Opportunities At SIGGRAPH 2002

Computer graphics education and experience are at the core of SIGGRAPH conferences. When you attend, you have access to unsurpassed learning opportunities and resources that reach beyond the conference week. Stretch yourself and participate as fully as you can. As you learn, you can teach others around you.


Education and learning come in many forms at a SIGGRAPH conference. Here are a few of the many opportunities that await you. (Check the conference Web site or Program & Buyer's Guide for details.

Running Sunday through Wednesday, SIGGRAPH conference courses are 40 to 55 tutorial presentations for a variety of experience levels. Selected by a committee of industry experts, the final slate of courses is balanced for both topics and participant ability. Requires a Full Conference registration to attend.

Educators Program
An all-week program for K-12 and university educators, these presentations focus not only on the teaching of computer graphics, but how to incorporate them into traditional curricula such as math, science, and art. Requires a Full Conference or Conference Select registration to attend.

Reference materials
The Program & Buyer's Guide is an excellent industry reference for all conference attendees. Additional resources available for purchase at the conference include:
  • Conference Proceedings. Collection of all presented technical papers.

  • Conference Abstracts and Applications. Complete coverage of the Panels, Sketches & Applications, Emerging Technologies, and Educators Program.

  • Electronic Art and Animation Catalog. Catalog of the Computer Animation Festival and Art Gallery.

  • Printed Courses Notes. Specific copies of tutorial notes from SIGGRAPH Courses program ­ can only be purchased at the conference.

Career Center
One of the busiest centers of the conference, the Career Center operates the entire week and offers a special Job Fair in the middle of the week. Registered attendees are invited to post résumés for distribution to interested companies, peruse posted job openings, and access limited career mentoring services by SIGGRAPH volunteers during the Job Fair.

Web Site
References to active and past conferences. Keep a bookmark here for the latest information about contributing to and attending the next SIGGRAPH conference adventure!

Special Sessions
Open to varied levels of registered attendees, this popular program features "hot topics," performance pieces, production techniques, and audience-participation sessions that vary from year to year.

This information was brought to you by SIGGRAPH 2002 Pathfinders, a volunteer group dedicated to mentoring first-time conference visitors. Please take a moment to help us help you. Let us know how this information improved (or could have improved) your conference experience. You can find us at SIGGRAPH 2002 at the Pathfinder booth in the main lobby or via email: Thank you.

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