Painting and Non-Photorealistic Graphics
Friday, 26 July
3:30 - 5:30 pm
Ballroom C1 & C2

JP Lewis
University of Southern California

WYSIWYG NPR: Drawing Strokes Directly on 3D Models
Robert D. Kalnins
Lee Markosian
Princeton University

Barbara J. Meier
Michael A. Kowalski
Joseph C. Lee
Brown University

Philip L. Davidson
Matthew Webb
Princeton University

John F. Hughes
Brown University

Adam Finkelstein
Princeton University

Octree Textures
David Benson
Joel Davis
Industrial Light + Magic

Painting and Rendering Textures on Unparameterized Models
David (grue) DeBry
Jonathan Gibbs
Devorah DeLeon Petty
Nate Robins
Thrown Clear Productions

Stylization and Abstraction of Photographs
Doug DeCarlo
Anthony Santella
Rutgers University

Object-Based Image Editing
William Barrett
Alan Cheney
Brigham Young University

SIGGRAPH 2002 Papers are available in the SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Proceedings

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